Say good-bye to oil based polyurethane and toxic wood products. Thanks to the health administration in California and placing regulations to reduce chemical fumes that will cause humans harm. As a company that does work across America and has seen the different products for flooring, truly the green products that the California Market has to offer is safe. Products that are offered in other states have chemicals that is difficult for floor technicians to work with because it difficult to inhale the fumes. However, the green products that is used in California is a contrary experience. Therefore, from experience green products such as Pallman are safe for homeowners and especially kids.

Green is the safe way to go! It is better to think about health over durable high VOC products that are not safe because in the long run your health is more important. It is better to live longer happier life than live your last couple years sick because you decided to use a high VOC product for your floors.

Bye! Bye! Non-Green Products!