Solid wood flooring has the luxury of lasting 100s of years and flexible in changing its color. However, it requires high maintenance to assure the protection does not wear out. Many times we have clients who are deciding on replacing their wood floors or covering them with another floor because their wooden floors are in bad conditions. Many times the floors need to be refinished to restore its natural beauty, or on the other hand polish to refresh the protective layer.

When should you sand and refinished your floors? The best time to do this is when your floors have deep gouges or the wear layer have gone away. If the floors so not have stains, you can sand down the floors without add a stain when refinishing the floors. However, if there are dark stains, you can replace those areas with new wood, or you can apply a dark stain.

When should you polish your wood floors? The best time to polish your floors are when there are minor scratches on the wear layer and the floors are not in bad condition. A polish is recommended once a year to keep the wear layer strong and the look new. If there is high traffic, then once a month will be best, or a high traffic finished will need to be applied to increase durability and lower the number of maintenance polished during the year.

With that said, before covering your floors or replacing them, make sure to check with a floor technician first. They will be able to diagnose the best decision for your wooden floors. It is better to keep a valuable wooden floor to keep your house value high.