Over the years we have seen the durability results between laminate and luxury vinyl plank (LVP). We have to admit that LVP is the leader when it comes to durability.

Before vinyl planks came out with a line that look like real wood there was laminate. The floor that was providing middle-class with the opportunity to have a luxury feel at an affordable cost. However, the problem about laminate was its durability. If a consumer was not spending extra dollars for a high quality laminate, in the long wrong they are going to have hoped they paid a little extra because they will have to pay more to replace it sooner than later. One of the highest cases of accidents in homes deal with leak that not only damages walls but specifically floors that are not water friendly. For this reason, laminate especially cheap ones warp easily.

On the other hand, LVP has the reputation of surviving water leaks. LVP can be removed after a flood and reinstalled once the humidity levels drop to normality. This is a beneficial factor when it comes to flooring and keeping your money value. The pricing is similar to laminate, so choosing LVP is a better investment. The looks and feel of LVP is similar to wood flooring. Its even difficult for a flooring professional to tell the difference when installed.

Therefore, if you are thinking between laminate and vinyl, let us help you make a decision based on our experience. CHOOSE Vinyl! It may cost a little extra, but trust us you will be saving money in the long wrong and especially avoid those headaches.